Where to go in the Cyclades for windsurfing?

The Cycladic islands are located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, and thus they are the windiest islands in Greece. In July and August, blows the wind meltemi, the strong northern wind that blows the whole day and stops at night. Thus, in most islands, wind sports, such as kite- and windsurf, can be done all summer long. Many beaches in touristic islands, such as Mykonos, Naxos and Paros, are organised with water sports facilities. These are the best spots on the most popular islands in the Cyclades for the windsurfers.


Mikri Vigla is the most popular wind- and kitesurfing spot in Naxos. Plus, it is a beautiful beach to relax after exercising. The wind is perfect for these sports, and the water sports centres and schools there are numerous and well-organised...

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Car rental from Athens: explore by car Aegina, the closest island to the Greek capital

Aegina is a beautiful island, which is located only 1,5-hour by boat from Athens. If you rent a car in Athens and you want to visit a Greek island, swim in crystal waters and explore hidden beaches, then you can go by boat with your car from Piraeus Port to Aegina and discover the island in a day trip or a weekend. Read further and learn everything you need to know.

The star of the island is the port and main city, which is a pretty seaside town with neoclassical houses, traditional taverns by the sea and vivid nightlife. The best time to enjoy Aegina Town is on evenings, when the sunset colours the harbour with pink and orange hues.

However, don’t spend the whole day in Aegina Town. You can go by car to several other worthwhile places:

  • Agia Marina: Agia Marina is a touristic resort,...
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Do it as the Greeks!

If you are planning to visit Greece the next months we have from you some very interesting things and places to do and see in some of the most famous cities in Greece.

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4 reasons to rent a car in Mykonos

Greece with its variety of amazing islands and stunning beaches is a highly touristic place with many travellers every year, especially during summer. Thanks to the touristic facilities of the country, there are many car rental companies that can provide the visitors the car they need to explore the beautiful Greek islands. In Mykonos, one of the most popular Greek islands all over the Mediterranean, there are many car hire agencies that are perfect for your needs. However, you may wonder why to rent a car in Mykonos. Is this necessary or you can avoid it? Learn here everything you need to know about the transportation in Mykonos and how you can explore it.

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