4 reasons to rent a car in Mykonos

Greece with its variety of amazing islands and stunning beaches is a highly touristic place with many travellers every year, especially during summer. Thanks to the touristic facilities of the country, there are many car rental companies that can provide the visitors the car they need to explore the beautiful Greek islands. In Mykonos, one of the most popular Greek islands all over the Mediterranean, there are many car hire agencies that are perfect for your needs. However, you may wonder why to rent a car in Mykonos. Is this necessary or you can avoid it? Learn here everything you need to know about the transportation in Mykonos and how you can explore it.

Innumerable beaches

Mykonos has a great number of beautiful beaches, sandy and rocky coves and windsurfers paradises across a coastline that is one of the most beautiful in Greece. Among the best beaches are Super Paradise, Paradise, Elia, Lia, Kalafatis, Psarrou, Paragka, Agios Sostis, Panormos and Agrari. However, public transportation reaches only some of these beaches. If you want to make the best beach-hopping of your life and discover these beaches as well as other virgin coves, then you definitely need a car!


To enjoy the natural beauty of Mykonos island and have unforgettable memories of your holidays, it is necessary to rent a car in Mykonos. Especially if you have just a few days on the island, you have to arrange your schedule in order not to miss anything. Car rental offers you the flexibility you want during your summer holidays. Bus service is available to a large part of the island but the problem with public transportation is that you should confirm schedules and return times and arrange your excursions according to bus routes. Buses are also crowded and especially for the little children can be inconvenient. Taxis are affordable and cab stations are available throughout the island, but they are suitable only for short routes, otherwise they can be very expensive.

Save time

Hiring a car in Mykonos is the easiest and safest way to explore the island. If you want to visit all these places and you have only a week or even worse a few days, the only way to achieve that is to make these excursions by car. Many of the car hire agencies in Mykonos offer also the choice to rent a motor bike, which is cheaper, but you should consider that driving a motor bike is not that safe in Greece.

Great deals to save money

Renting a car can be expensive, but there are many car rental agencies in Mykonos that offer extremely low rates. Great deals are also provided for long reservations and online booking. Remember that prices in Greece are generally cheaper than in other European countries and tourist destinations.