The best destinations for a medieval wedding in Greece

Are you dreaming of a medieval wedding in Greece? Of a ceremony and a reception inside a stone-built imposing castle? Greece has a long history, which comes from the ancient times, but concerns also the Byzantine and Medieval Times. Thus, you can find many beautiful destinations that are ideal for Greek weddings in a medieval atmosphere. Do something different and be prepared for a wedding that will impress all of your guests.



The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe, and thereat, Unesco declared it as a World Heritage Site. During the Byzantine Period, Rhodes was an important trading post between Alexandria and Istanbul. In the 7th century A.D., the Arabs captured Rhodes, while the Knights Period started in the 14th and continued until the 16th century. The multicultural character of the island together with the exceptional venues and hotels for your Greek wedding create an amazing scenery.



The well-preserved main town of Patmos is an architectural jewel of traditional white-washed houses and medieval churches, and it has also been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The narrow pebbled streets and the Monastery of Saint Jown on the top of the hill make you believe like having travelled back in time. The moments of your Greek wedding will be as sacred as the whole island of Patmos.



Athens is worldwide known for its ancient history that gave birth to the western civilisation. However, Athens has a long and rich history, which consists not only of the antiquity but also of the medieval times. Only a few couples, who want to do their wedding in Greece, know that Athens has numerous small Byzantine churches that are perfect for a mystic, almost private wedding.


Koroni and Methoni Messinia

In a close distance to Pylos in Messinia, you can plan your Greek wedding in one of the two castle-towns, Koroni and Methoni Messinia, where you will experience the Medieval aura of the area. The Venetian Castle of each town by the sea, the traditional character and the authenticity of these small towns make you adore them and understand how Medieval Times looked like in Greece