5 hidden and shockingly beautiful beaches in Santorini

There is a myth that the magnificent island of Santorini has no beaches. However, the truth is totally different. Santorini has many wonderful and breathtaking beaches. Some of them, are worldwide known. The Red Beach with its impressive red and brown steep cliffs dominating the scenery, Perissa and Perivolos with their black volcanic sand, Vlychada with its lunar landscape and family-friendly Kamari are only a few of them. Surely, the beaches of Santorini have special geographical features, and thus golden sand and turquoise waters is something you should not expect. Plus, the beauty of Caldera is so unique that you can stay there forever, without wanting to swim on a beach.

Nevertheless, if you decide to explore the coastline of Santorini, you may want to go off-the-beaten-path and disco...

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4 reasons to rent a car in Mykonos

Greece with its variety of amazing islands and stunning beaches is a highly touristic place with many travellers every year, especially during summer. Thanks to the touristic facilities of the country, there are many car rental companies that can provide the visitors the car they need to explore the beautiful Greek islands. In Mykonos, one of the most popular Greek islands all over the Mediterranean, there are many car hire agencies that are perfect for your needs. However, you may wonder why to rent a car in Mykonos. Is this necessary or you can avoid it? Learn here everything you need to know about the transportation in Mykonos and how you can explore it.

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rent a car in crete

Rent a car Crete: stay safe with your kids with these useful tips

If you visit Crete, especially with your kids, it is the wisest decision to hire a car in order to explore the island and visit all the interesting points of interest flexibly. If you rent a car Crete, get ready for an amazing road trip around the island. You can go off the beaten path, find hidden beaches and spend precious moments with your family away from mass tourism. However, all parents know that travelling with children is not the easiest thing in the world. Thus, when you rent a car in Crete, you have also to think about the hours you will spend in the car, as the island has long distances from one place to another. With these tips, you can make the road trip safer and funnier!

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