santorini volcano view

The dragon breathe of an active volcano

The name of this island is connected into the tourist’s minds with impressive sunsets, black beaches and traditional architecture. Santorini is for sure an island with everlasting and unsurpassed beauty, which attracts millions of visitors every year. If you are planning your vacation on the island, the only way to discover its stunning sceneries and details is with Santorini shore excursions and Santorini private tours. Either you are flying to the island or you are on an organized cruise to the Mediterranean, a Travel agenecy can plan tailor made shore excursions and Santorini tours from cruise ship, customized to your schedules.

During your stay on this dark volcanic island, you must take advantage and experience a volcano tour. Not many people could say that they have experienced the breathe of an active volcano first hand. The active volcano of Santorini is an open book, a geological evidence and an important piece of global history.

santorini volcano tours

The volcano is the reason Santorini is so famous. Even nowadays, it continues to rule Caldera and to attract tourist’s attention. The first elements on volcanic activity show that it existed 4000 years ago. It is sure that until the first and the biggest eruption, volcanic cones were created in the area.

The first and historically known eruption in recent years was in 1650 BC, also known as the Minoan eruption. According to the archaeologists, the amount of the volcanic material reached a height of 40 km. All the eastern area of the Mediterranean Sea was fully covered by ash. It is strongly believed that this eruption was responsible for the destruction of the Minoan civilization.

santorini volcano

Later, in the 2nd century BC a small island, named Iera (Holy), was created the same way, by a volcanic eruption. But it was not the only one created by the power of the volcano. Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni were born by small eruptions and the hot springs in the area indicate that the activity -even nowadays- is not over.

santorini volcano

During a volcano tour you can live unforgettable moments. You can walk over the volcano crater and enjoy the view to Caldera. In addition, you can dive into a hot spring on Palia Kameni. The waters of the hot springs are yellowish and hotter than the rest of the area. While on board during the volcano tour, you can enjoy your meal and a glass of the famous Santorini wine. Stunning moment is when the whitewashed village of Oia and the Caldera are illuminated in the orange, the pink, the red and the yellow of the setting sun. Chase the magic of the sunset, because Santorini is famous for it. Fall in love with the colors, the aromas and the moment the sun sinks into the sea. Full of memories and blessed by this sensational experience, you will remember the volcano tour for the rest of your life.