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Greece the best option fo your winter vacation

Are you searching for the best place for a winter vacation? We have for you the best idea; Greece! Is the best option for you. You can visit the snow-covered mountain tops where you can live the time of your life, with a ski adventure.

Ski resorts in Greece

Altough Greece is a very warm country and the sun shines most of the year, Greece can also offer you a great opportunity to get closer with nature with the help of sports like ski or snowboarding. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit like, Parnassos, Kaimaktsalan and Mainalon ski center.

kalavrita ski

Cozy mountain villages

In winter there are villages for everyone to visit and find what you looking for and what you need. A cozy village like this is Pertouli. Perouli is a village 54 kilometers away from Trikala city (Thessaly) and is built in an amfitheatric shape and is 1090 away from the mountain. There you can see how mother nature can place everything in harmony just by wathcing its fauna and flora. Just because Pertouli is near to the city of Trikala you can visit and explore the city with its unique beauty by the river ”Lithaios”.


Something special

If you choose to visit the city of Trikala for Christmas holiday season, you are so lucky! Because there you can find the most wonderful thematic park inn Greece, named ”Milos ton Xotikon” which is a place like a village with many activities for children and adults. There is also a museum that you can visit.


Elati village

Another village accesable to Pertouli is, Elati. It is only 13,9 kilometers away from Pertouli and around to 20 minutes away. It is also very beautiful piqueresk and the village itself can put a spell on you with its beauty. There you can find activities in nature like riding a horse or walking by the nature on the mountain. You can also feel free to choose to stay at your hotel and enjoy your special drinks or the delicius domestic red wine in front of a big fireplace.


Choose Greece

Greece is the perfect destination for your winter escape because you can see the traditional side of the mainland of the country. You can visit Greece with everyone you want. Greece is perfect for all. For friends, for coumples, for families with or without children. Greece is a country full of good surprises! You just need to trust your instict and follow them so they can open up to you. Magic is everywhere and all youu have to do if you want to feel it is to live every moment, without worries. Fill your life with memories will last forever of the beauty of Greece. Tourism in Greece is a gift you deserve for your body and your soul!

winter greece

Nature, History and Art

For your visit in Greece you can choose activities between nature, like ski or walking on mountains. Visitings at museums where you canĀ  learn a lot about History and culture. Visit Greece, enjoy life!