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Greece: the ultimate destination for sports and adventure

Greece is the ultimate destination for adventure and sports lovers. What makes Greece ideal for these activities all year round is its mild weather even during winter, its long coastline, the calm waters of the Greek sea and the combination of high mountains and stunning beaches in a very close distance to each other.


Extreme sports

In Greece, a top experience is to try extreme sports for amazing emotions. Push yourself to the limits and feel your adrenaline reaching the sky with various sports, such as bungee jumping, sky diving and off-road routes for car, motorcycles and bicycles. The Shipwreck Beach (Navagio) in Zakynthos Island is considered to be among the most famous spots in Greece for bungee jumping, where people from all over the world enjoy the impressive scenery while doing their favourite adventure sport.

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Water sports

Greece is a must place if you are a fan of water sports. Sailing in Saronic Gulf, in Aegean Sea, Sporades and Ionian Sea is the best option to feel the wind on your face and discover private and peaceful beaches with turquoise waters and soft sand that are inaccessible by car. In Cyclades with their constantly blowing strong wind (meltemi), you can go a step further and check your strength and abilities in sailing, while Saronic Islands and Ionian Sea are ideal for beginners in sailing thanks to their calm waters.

If you like wind – and kite-surfing, Cyclades are the perfect destination. Some spots, like the distance from Paros to Antiparos, or the beach Mikri Vigla in Naxos are internationally famous. International competitions in these sports, where you can take part, are organised in many places in Greece and especially in Cycladic Islands.

Another adventure in the Greek seas can be scuba diving. Underwater caves, wrecks, reefs and rays are waiting for you to explore the wonders of the seabed and be totally impressed. Zakynthos, Milos, Santorini, Corfu, Kalymnos, Samothraki and Crete are top destinations for scuba diving and attract travellers from all over the world.

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Winter sports

Another side of Greece’s natural beauty, in addition to its breathtaking beaches and islands, are the mountains with their lush greenery, lofty peaks, vertical cliffs, gorges, rivers, lakes and forests. Your trekking options are innumerable. On Crete, you can hike Samaria, the biggest gorge in Europe, while Olympus, the mountain of Gods, is the ideal place for climbing. Even big cities, such as Athens and Thessaloniki, have abundant nature and beautiful mountains, where you can mountain bike or hike in stunning routes. Zagorochoria in Epirus, Meteora, Karpenisi or Mt. Pilion near Volos and mountainous Arkadia are only some of the places you can visit to enjoy the beauty of Greece during fall and winter.

Greece has also many ski centres, where you can do winter sports, such as ski and snowboard. Parnassos near Arachova, Helmos near Kalavryta, Kaimaktsalan near Edessa, Karpenisi, Vasilitsa and Seli near Naousa and Thessaloniki can prove you that Greece is also a top winter destination.

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