5 hidden and shockingly beautiful beaches in Santorini

There is a myth that the magnificent island of Santorini has no beaches. However, the truth is totally different. Santorini has many wonderful and breathtaking beaches. Some of them, are worldwide known. The Red Beach with its impressive red and brown steep cliffs dominating the scenery, Perissa and Perivolos with their black volcanic sand, Vlychada with its lunar landscape and family-friendly Kamari are only a few of them. Surely, the beaches of Santorini have special geographical features, and thus golden sand and turquoise waters is something you should not expect. Plus, the beauty of Caldera is so unique that you can stay there forever, without wanting to swim on a beach.

Nevertheless, if you decide to explore the coastline of Santorini, you may want to go off-the-beaten-path and discover beaches that are not that famous. We picked for you 5 of these well-kept secrets to swim away from mass tourism.


Below Oia, about 5 minutes’ drive, is located a small bay, Ammoudi. There, there is a small beach to swim near the traditional village. The best thing with that beach is that you can enjoy the famous sunset of Oia away from the crowds, as it is located exactly in the spot, where the sun dives into the water.


On most beaches, the Cycladic sun is something you cannot avoid. Unfortunately, you can also get a sunburn, as the black volcanic sand makes the sunlight 10 times stronger and more dangerous. If you want shadow in an unorganized beach, then you should definitely visit Koloumbos Beach. The scenery takes your breath away with the rock standing imposing above the beach, offering natural shade. The beach has no umbrellas and sunbeds, and you need to walk about 10 minutes to get there. But it is so beautiful and peaceful that it will compensate you.

White Beach

White Beach (Aspri Paralia) is near the Red Beach. It is a hidden cove with white pebbles and crystal waters, where you can go only by boat. There are some caiques from Akrotiri that can bring you there, and you can combine this beach with the impressive one nearby, Red Beach. The tranquillity there is something unique.

Eros Vlychada

Vlychada Beach starts from the point, when the road ends in front of the Tomato Museum. It is an industrial building, which together with the impressive landscape of this beach creates an incredible scenery. What you may not know is that on the right end of Vlychada, there is another small bay, which is called Eros (=love). You can go there on foot or via another road, where you turn right instead of going straight to Vlychada. From this bay, you can admire the whole amazing beach, swim away from mass tourism and drink your cocktail in the beach bar-restaurant located there.

Caldera Beach

If you go to Santorini, soon you will understand that caldera, the inside of the volcano, where Fira, Imerovigli and Oia are located, is the star of the island. All beaches are on the other side, where the landscape is milder. However, this beach is the best way to relax inside the Caldera and have amazing views of the volcano and Thirassia. It is located under Akrotiri, the eastern point of Caldera, overlooking Fira and Oia on the other side.