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You’ve lost your photos from your last vacations? You need data recovery

Data recovery is a process that can really help you in order to avoid losing important data from your computer, tablet or laptop. Next time you realise that something is not right in your device and you can’t find the file you are looking for, don’t panic! The experienced technicians can help you and save for you time and your documents. Just read here the ultimate guide of data recovery and know exactly what to do!

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is a process of retrieving lost, inaccessible or corrupted data in a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or mobile phone. Data recovery can be done not only in internal but also in external hard disks, USB drives, magnetic tapes, CD’s and DVD’s. Generally speaking, all electronic devices can suffer from data loss and require data recovery. This kind of data recovery is different to the forensic applications and espionage, where data recovery has to do with encrypted and hidden but not with damaged documents.

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Causes of damaged data

There are various cases that can lead to data loss. The most common cause is an operating-system failure or malfunction of the hard disc or the storage device. An easier case is the accident, when data are deleted or formatted by mistake. The failure can also be in drive-level, such as a corrupted file system.  Depending on the cause, data recovery can be successful or unsuccessful, but in most problems a 100% data recovery is unlikely to be done.

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Recovery techniques

There are various recovery techniques that are being used by the technicians in order to find and gain access to the lost or corrupted data. When physical damage to a hard drive has happened, a hardware repair, if possible, is the only way to save the data. In logical damage, the error is not a problem of the hardware, and the solution requires software-level steps, such as repairing the damaged partition table or file system.

Although the repair of physical damage cannot be performed by people without expertise and special tools, the data recovery in case of logical damage does not require special equipment or access to platters. Thus, it can be done with simple methods even from home. In cases of deleted and formatted data due to virus attack, is used data recovery software in order to restore the files. Data recovery is also possible in overwritten files, because the previous data can be recovered through the use of specific software. But that depends on the type of the hard drive, as Solid-state drives (SSD) differ from Hard disk drives (HDD). When the data recovery can be achieved through software and the expert does not need to have physical access to the hardware, such as the hard disk, then we can speak of remote data recovery over the internet or another connection.

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